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C Programming

Promise of this course is to help strengthen your “C programming skill”. The C Training course covers C Programming language essentials such as programming techniques, decision making statements, iterations, functions, macros, 1D array, 2D arrays, pointers, dynamic memory allocation for arrays as well as structures, file handling and function pointers, and linked list.

Also to master any programming language one needs hands-on practice along with clarity of concepts. The course emphasis 50% of course duration on Lab practice and includes smart tips like Best Practice, Interview Tip, Group Exercise, Classroom Quiz to help increase your curiosity and also help you to become expert with knowledge of peripheral concepts.


  • C Language – Overview

  • Program Structure

  • Basic Syntax

  • Data Types Introduction

  • Variables

  • Constants and Literals

  • Storage Classes

  • Operators

  • Decision Making

  •  Loops

  • Functions

  •  Arrays

  • Pointers

  •  Strings

  • Unions

  • Typedef

  • Input and Output

  • File I/O

  •  Preprocessors

  •  Header Files

  • Type Casting

  •  Error Handling

  •  Recursion

  • Variable Arguments

  •  Memory Management

  • Command Line Arguments


  • Simple

  • Machine Independent or Portable

  • Mid-level programming language

  • structured programming language

  • Rich Library

  • Memory Management

  • Fast Speed

  • Pointers

  • Recursion

  • Extensible